Why Christians Should Love Halloween 🎃

This just might jack with your precious theology

Jeremy Gaston


Ghouls, goblins and ghosts generally aren’t what you’d associate with Jesus Christ, or with those working to pattern their life to resemble His. Actually, if you think about it, it’s the antithesis of what He was about.

Jesus was all about life. You know, living.

Jesus was so much about living that he raised a few people from the dead — wild right! And I’m not talking that #TWD type of alive — RIP Rick Grimes. I’m talking that full-fledged, jump up and click your heals, slap-your-brother-for-already-rearranging-your-room type of alive.

And since we’re already swapping campfire stories, I guess we shouldn’t forget that Jesus did have a few run-ins with some ghosts and ghouls who’d possessed a few people in His day. But if you’ve heard one story about it, then you’ve heard them all. Cause basically they all end the same way — with the ghastly ghouls fearfully screeching away.

So even though, the head honcho, Jesus proved that these things are real forces — that have real torturous capabilities — it seems Christians still ignore that this is actually a thing. So if you’re a Christian who has been frowned at for celebrating October 31, then this should excite you.

It mights as well be a Christian holiday

Ultimately, we all just want to have fun, right? And dressing up ain’t never hurt nobody. Well…let’s not get off topic.

What I will say though is that of all the U.S. holidays this is one to be fired up about, as a Christian. I’m talking that Jessie’s baby boy, David, just killed a 9' giant with nothing but a sling and a rock type of hype. You know, that Joash’s youngest son, Gideon, just defeated an army of more than a 100,000 soldiers with only 300 men type of lit. 🔥

Halloween is the one day that our deceitfully dark, ghoulish enemy makes clear his intentions and methods of capturing our hearts to follow him, as well as our own twisted desires, instead of following the image and likeness of God. I know, blah blah blah right.

But, if you’re genuinely working to live like Christ, then Halloween is the perfect day to get amped up to spiritually lace up your kicks to put your boot between the cheeks of some demonic adversaries.

This is the perfect time to turn your porch light on, invite people to your door, then ask everyone who rings your doorbell if you can pray with them. It’s the perfect time to ask God to give you words to say to them that only they would know. And this is the perfect time to ask God to heal anyone who needs it, who comes to your door, if He’s truly real.

Halloween excites so many people, often times, because it allows them to be someone else for a day. To pretend that their life is actually someone else’s, if just for a paltry 24 hours. So imagine getting the opportunity to help someone find true identity and peace on a night hell-bent on faking it.

This, quite literally, is your time to shine. Your time to be a lamp that helps others navigate through the dark, and possibly help preserve their lives.

Some Christians just don’t get it

Finally, today is not a day to shame other Christians who don’t see this as a day to fight and to pray more intentionally with others. Not everyone will accept the challenge, or will not even understand it. So don’t go getting all pious and turning your noise up at others who choose to celebrate.

Do what you have been empowered to do. Love others only. Be willing to share your preferences about the day, if asked, but never impose your thinking on others. Remember it’s better to be a candlelight, not a flood lamp.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for as a Christian. Now go have some fun you crazy kids!

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