23 Days Later. How to Keep Crushing Your Resolutions.

Jeremy Gaston
4 min readJan 23, 2018

If I haven’t said it to you already, Happy Twenty-eighteen! There truly are exciting days ahead, and some not so exciting days to learn from behind us. And with the addition of this new page in our lives there are sure to be some new goals and resolutions to go along with that. We’re now twenty-three days into the new year, and are either successfully maintaining our New Year resolution or fast approaching a revolt of those goals.

Resolutions can be extremely difficult to maintain. I totally understand. Studies show that it takes at least twenty-one days to form a routine. So if you’ve successfully made it this far you already have a greater chance, mathematically, of maintaining your resolution throughout the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, for some of us, the greater feat is just making it twenty-one days.

On a personal level, there are many reasons we give up on our goals. For some it’s timing. While for others it might be conflicting responsibilities. But on a macro level I find that there are at least three tell-tell signs you’re likely to quit on your New Year resolution.

You’ve gotta hear a new voice

Believe it or not, your life has been built around multiple voices that are consistent in your life — your voice, your enemy’s voice, your god’s voice and the voice of others. But because there are so many voices to choose from, you’re likely to listen to one more than all the others. This voice has become your comfort and your guide. And that can be a good thing depending on which voice.

When it comes to resolving to do better, be better and/or think better the voice you choose to hitch your goals to will determine whether or not you’ll reach them.

Here’s a test to determine the right voice to let direct you. When lunchtime rolls around listen for the voice that considers your future health, not your present pleasure. Then follow that voice to achieving your goals.

You need a new perspective

The challenge with resolving to do life different than before is trying to do so with the same optics. We view life through a specific set of lenses. It’s the reason we treat certain people better than we do others. And why we’re okay with eating foods that are horrible for us while shunning what does the body good.

It’s called perception. If I perceive it to be good, then it must be good. If I perceive my way of doing things as alright, then things must be already. Your perception is always your reality. And until it changes, nothing will change.

Here’s one way to fix your perception. Focus on the thing you want a new resolve on (i.e. eat better, workout more, start a business, etc). Then gather as much information about that area of interest, and consume as much as you can about that thing. You have to change your understanding about a thing if you ever expect to change how you view at something.

You need better support

Birds of a feather flock together. Well so do people who succeed in setting goals.

There are two types of people we surround ourselves with who are a detriment to our goals. The first are people who are complacent. They don’t see anything wrong with how you have chosen to live your life thus far, and their opinion will surely become a cancer to your efforts. Then there’s the people who want to celebrate your decision to change as though you’ve already completed the change. This person can be just as counterproductive to your goals. Keeping people like these around make it easier for you to slack off, because they’re “going to love you no matter what you do or look like” attitude gets in the way of your resolute determination.

Manage who you share your goals and resolutions by having small conversations with the people you do life with. Have light discussions on the topics where you’d like to create change in your life, and measure their responses. You’ll find out pretty quickly who content with the way things are, and who might just need equally determined friend to join them on their scary/fun journey.

So in your efforts to remain resolute this new year remember to guard who you’re listening to, what you see and who you journey with, and success will surely find you.

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